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Event Name: SLUSH

Founder : Helene Auramo, Kai Lemmetty, Ville Vesterinen and Peter Vesterbacka

Inaugurated: 2008

Genre: Technology, Startups, Entrepreneurship.

Event held in Helsinki, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapur

This is slush

All over the world held some cool and amazing conference and events, and one of them is slush. Slush is a non-profit startup and tech event.
The main purpose of Slush is to facilitate meetings between the founders of start-ups and investors such asย venture capitalists, accomplished with events such as “match-making” and pitching competitions.

slush report 2018

Slush was first held in 2008 at Helsinki in Finland and that time attendance was just 300, and In 2017 was 20000. From all over the world investor, entrepreneurs and startups came here to attend the conference and learn from founders and make their idea’s into reality. 2019 slush event held at Tokyo in Japan. the ticket starts from ยฅ7,500 to ยฅ69,500.

Why slush conference event started?

11 years back things are quite different and a lot more going all around the world, Especially in the mobile industry and that time just first iPhone was launched in June 2007 and SmartPhone industry was changed since then and the competition was started especially in the software industry. A new perspective is generated by looking the Internet and SmartPhone. But for newcomers, they face how to expand their startup, business and finding an investor for their company. This problem was seen by some of the entrepreneurs and investors the journey of the ‘SLUSH‘ was begun.

For whom this event is essential ?

The event is especially held for those who eager to start their startups and expand their business. Also for those who want to become an entrepreneur. So, If you are hungry to expand your ability and make a world a better place you should go there, Meet some cool and amazing entrepreneurs and investors and build your idea’s in reality.

Why should you attend?

When you meet the same field of a person which you like most. You can learn a lot from them. Just for that, you should attend these types of events and conferences.

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